Bloggers without borders…

…It’s not only the reporters who have no borders. Bloggers are also breaking down the boundaries and censorship is getting more and more difficult. Large companies realise this as more and more people blog directly as events happen. Even our own lovely Anina is blogging from the Nokia floor in Amsterdam as mobile blogging starts to take off. According to Spiegel “in some parts of the world they serve a loftier and sometimes emancipating purpose. In societies where official censorship is rampant and freedom of speech often curbed, they transport forbidden opinions and knowledge considered taboo to people who wouldn’t otherwise get access to such information. Indeed, by connecting and encouraging individual dissidents, they also become a tool of revolution.” Blogging is here to stay and it’s evolving rapidly. Like the deadwood press it will be a man for all seasons. As Rigmor pointed out the other day we have the right to remain silent but do we have the right to speak? A new blog is created every second yet vigilance is needed to maintain our freedoms that are being eroded every day by politicians who are afraid and do not get what is happening all around them.


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