Convergence is the new buzz word…

…but will it fly? I used to think mobile phones were cool but mine costs me too much money. So I use a lot of email which is free. Like most women I know, by the time I get my phone out of my bag it has stopped ringing and I have another missed call. There are rumours that Apple is to launch an iPhone next year.
“Apple’s biggest disadvantage – its lack of experience with phones – is its strongest card. Why? Because it isn’t locked into the mindset of the operators. Operators still think in terms of voice as the killer app, while Apple thinks non-voice because all of its experience is with music and other data. Operators proudly point out that 90% of their income comes from voice and texting. However, this is not success but failure: 10 years into the digital revolution and six years after they bid £22.5bn for 3G spectrum, they still can’t induce customers to use these other services. Why? Because download charges are exorbitant and the user experience often awful.” reports Victor Keegan.
Now I have difficulties turning on the light switch so anything that makes the whole job easier is fine by me. FON is getting together with Skype and making its WiFi logon easier by means of a Smart Client which sounds like the ideal customer but in fact “runs on wifi devices. This client uses previously stored Fon credentials (username and password) for auto-login to any fonera (fon hotspot). This Smart Client is being ported now to several Operating Systems and more and more Wireless gadgets will be now shipped with this Fon Ready Smart Client.” according to Martin Varsavsky. The Holy Grail is now a little black (or white) box that does everything except make the coffee, wherever you are. What if you lose it? I’m waiting for the headline “Apple launches iCoffee that finds its own way home.


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