Save Spillers!!!…

…the world’s oldest record store founded in 1894 in Cardiff. Spillers “has been told that it is not going to be able to afford the rent the landlord will demand when two big shopping developments opposite and next to the shop open. When the rent rises owner Nick Todd, who has worked at the shop for 31 years, says the shop will be lost.” The Manic Street Preachers put out a statement, saying: “Spillers was a lifeline, it gave us our musical education. The only record shop in Wales where we could find the music that made us who we are.” Columbia Records, which bills itself as the oldest label in the world, has asked its British artists such as the Zutons and the Coral to sign the petition, and a gig to raise awareness is planned. As the developers rush into Cardiff it is madness that such a cultural icon should be under threat. So sign the petition and contact the planning department. Too much of old Cardiff has already been lost. Spillers website.

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