Ethiopia and Starbucks fail to agree…

…reports One World US in the trademark dispute over coffee as “human rights groups accuse Starbucks of trying to stop Ethiopia from trademarking its best-known coffee beans Sidamo and Harar, thereby denying farmers potential income of more than $90 million a year.” “It’s important to understand that most Ethiopians live on less than a dollar a day,” said Seth Petchers, a fair trade campaigner at the human rights group Oxfam America. “Starbucks sells some of these beans for up to $26 a pound.”
“Fair trade advocates look at the dispute as a clash between David and Goliath. In Starbucks, they see a $6.4 billion giant with more than 10,000 stores in 37 countries; in Ethiopia, they see the impoverished, hillside farmers of Ethiopia’s premium coffee-growing regions.” Thanks to greenLAgirl for the link. Starbucks seems to be the classic greenwash company that likes to present a nice, clean image far removed from the reality of its business methods.


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