Britain’s prime minister spends Christmas in number 10…

…in order to show an example in these times of climate change. The decision to stay in the country and thus produce less CO2 was welcomed by environmental activists as sending out the right signal. That of course was the story we did not read this Christmas. As I took a walk after Christmas in the park I saw two trees. One a favourite willow normally bare this time of year was still full of leaves. The other was in full blossom. Altogether I counted five trees blossoming while walking in the park. Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve which in Amsterdam means making a lot of noise with fireworks. I wonder how many revellers will notice the blossom. Well Tony won’t because as we all now know he’s gone on holiday with the BeeGees in Miami and managed to be caught out when his plane overshot the runway. Another chance to show off the designer swimming trunks? It does rather make a mockery of his posing at the Royal Society on the day of the Stern Report. In Amsterdam we now seem to have autumn and spring together. The natural world is sending us signals that something is wrong but we don’t notice. Instead let’s all fly to Miami to the music of the BeeGees. Staying alive?


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