Clean cotton…

…It is Amsterdam Fashion Week as if that matters. The fashionistas are running around chasing their tails like headless chickens (sorry it’s one of my google memes-just had to put it in!) which was why it was all the more surprising to go to meet Birgitta de Vos who is the owner of the Clean Cotton Company, an organic fairtrade internet business based in Amsterdam. She had an exhibit in the rather desolate new docks area of Amsterdam a tad away from the action in this bustling mini metropolis. I must confess I gave her a bit of a hard time as I am sceptical, to say the least, of this trivial and exploitative industry. Yet Birgitta was straight upfront and said there was no way you could test for organic cotton which I felt was honest. All of her clothes are made in Turkey from organic cotton sourced there and carry the EKO label as a guarantee of transparency and authentic origin. She came across as someone who lives what she does. The clothes were simple, timeless classics which she claimed should last at least twenty years, which is pretty sustainable if you ask me. Given that they cost on average 30% more than the non-organic average that sounds like a good investment. A bit like buying a saver light bulb, cheaper in the long run. Given how often I buy clothes when she starts a men’s line I might just give her a call.


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