10/11 on Blair gone before July…

…as Ladbrokes is not rating the poodle’s chances of survival very high. Is it any wonder? Scotland Yard is closing in at the same time that America sends another aircraft carrier to the Gulf. Exxon and Shell have just announced record profits, in Exxon’s case, the biggest in American corporate history. Hitler’s invasion of Russia was the act of a desperate megalomaniac. Bush is also in a tight corner. Iran’s oil is up for grabs as their president is in a weak position. In the Vietnam days they called it the domino theory as they invaded one south east Asian country after another. Perhaps today we need an oil domino theory, although I have my suspicion it’s more about the dollar. Whatever, there’s another war waiting round the corner. Europe is not amused and Blair is desperate. A jolly old war to keep the boys in blue at bay? How many of Blair’s cronies need to be dragged out of their beds at dawn before the man is prepared to go? The Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, has already ruined his own reputation and the neutrality of his office by refusing to allow a fraud inquiry into the Saudi BAE arms deal. This is the man who will decide whether or not Blair has a case to answer. Corruption? Just the British old boys system of government falling apart in the age of Google. I cannot imagine that Blair can hang on for more than a month without a massive political coverup, and people talk sooner or later especially when there’s a publisher’s cheque dangling in front of their nose. My advice to the man who has caused more damage to Britain’s reputation than any other Prime Minister in history? Go quietly through the back door of number 10 in that classic British ritual of indignity and turn the lights out when you leave. There’s a war on and we need to save electricity, especially tonight between 7.45 and 8pm as part of an international climate protest. Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad. Roll up for tickets for the 10/11 Legacy Tour’s last gig: London, 2007
and for a blow by blow account we recommend Blairwatch.


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One Response to 10/11 on Blair gone before July…

  1. the Brit says:


    I think those odds are looking good.

    the Brit

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