$10,000 from Exxon? No sweat!…

…Are you a climate scientist? ExxonMobil, who recently reported profits of $39.5 billion (the largest ever in American corporate history) is offering $10,000 if you are prepared to deny that global warming is happening. They give $1.6 million to the American Enterprise Institute who are offering the money to try to undermine the IPCC report on climate change, that says there is a 90% chance that we, including Exxon, are to blame for global warming. Perhaps Blair will throw in a peerage as well. “It’s a desperate attempt by an organisation who wants to distort science for their own political aims,” said David Viner of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia. Ben Stewart of Greenpeace said: “The AEI is more than just a thinktank, it functions as the Bush administration’s intellectual Cosa Nostra. They are White House surrogates in the last throes of their campaign of climate change denial. They lost on the science; they lost on the moral case for action. All they’ve got left is a suitcase full of cash.”


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