Legacy Tour 2007 Video…fuck, fuck, fuck!…

…No, Tony’s not been having a go at the Welsh again. It’s not very often that this blog links to the Sun but as well as page three babes today they have exclusive video footage of British soldier Lance Corporal of Horse Matty Hull, 25, from Berks, being killed by American fire. The “f” word is used quite a lot in this footage. Decorum is not part of USAF training these days.
“1349.18 POPOV36:
F***. God f***ing s***.
1350.21 POPOV36:
Dammit. F***ing damn it.
1351.17 P0POV36:
God dammit. F*** me dead (weeping).”
Who needs enemies with “allies” like this?
The Welsh police investigation into Tony Blair’s alleged use of the same“f” word was dropped. Lance Corporal Hull is dead, killed by American troops. Blair carries the ultimate responsibility for Britain’s part in the Iraq war with all its lies and dodgy dossiers. Dr David Kelly is also dead. He never found any WMDs. Many Iraqis are also dead. As of today 131 British troops have died, the latest one in a Basra bomb attack yesterday. Tony Blair is still Prime Minister.


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