Dr. Faustus…

…Last night I had a curious dream, about Michelangelo’s God, the
famous old man in the clouds with a beard, who eventually got replaced
by the Flying Spaghetti Monster. But who, you may ask, is the FSM Mephistopholes? In my dream it was the trickster. Old greybeard turned out to have
of clay, and changed into a conman. He offered something tasty but at a
price, that he already knew I could not pay. The two sides of the
tarot are the juggler or trickster and the magus.
So I decided to get high in order to enter into the symbolism of the
dream by using the tarot as a meditation, together with one of my very
best friends. And here I am writing this from outside Plato’s cave,
looking in. The Faustian dilemma
of the modern is something the polymath Goethe understood well. The
deeper connections were to be found in the paganism for which Goethe
often criticised. The cycle of renewal in nature, became the fall of
Adam, and we follow in his footsteps until we rediscover the old
pathways. The true initiation is in the moment of realisation of the
nature of mind.Ouroborus then stops biting itself. The thread of interconnection is infinite and the magician has the lemniscate over his head. As above, so below.

Pūrṇam adaḥ pūrṇam idam (That is full, this is full)
pūrṇāt pūrṇam udacyate (From the full, the full is subtracted)
pūrṇasya pūrṇam ādāya (When the full is taken from the full)
pūrṇam evāvasiṣyate (The full still will remain.) –

says in the Vedas. So everything still remains. The struggle was
pointless. At the moment when we let go and untie the knot then our
dilemma disappears. That, I believe,is truly magical. The lamas and
great yogis of Tibet teach that we should view the world as an
illusion, or magical show, and so we should cultivate awareness and
liberate ourselves here and now. Faust, as Goethe conceives him, is the
image of Western man, split, as Goethe was, by an intolerable
antithesis of spirit and substance. Faust cries out: “Two beings, ah!, within
my breast are fighting!” One clings to the earth, one “mightily thrusts
upward to the sky.” Liberation, for Goethe, lies in man’s capacity to
reconcile these opposites in creative activity. Yet creation is always
present and there is no need for something extra. Be it! says the Zen
master, for it is you.

I am looking forward to another mushroom tea and a journey to the
centre that is ever present. A time to share the spirit with friends
but also a time of silence and vision that will be followed by the
usual feast of life that brings us back to maya. Joli weekend, mes amis.


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