Bulgarian evening…

…in the Pepper at OT301, as I meet some cool kids who are art students and music freaks. They charmed me into the idea that a holiday in Bulgaria would be a nice idea. It is a beautiful country with mountains , good wine and a capital city named after a goddess (Sofia). What more could you wish for? It’s been a hectic week in the world of technology ecofashion. We are starting a new geolocation project for all that is good and beautiful, which in plain English means once again I will have to dig out my SLR and take a load of pictures, upload them and put them on the map. I’m gonna go round all the organic farms I know first, and then visit all the nice, healthy, organic stores and projects. All sounds like fun and I’m looking forward to getting back into the world of professional photography again. Life is good, believe me. Oh, and on the weekend I have to go and scream on the beach for Lza’s video. I just hope that with all this activity I still have time for my main mission at the moment: understanding Spinoza.


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