Working with 360fashion…

…and is not exactly a picnic, but it is a learning curve. As the fashion new boy I’m starting from the bottom up. It’s a fun community though. You get to meet lots of professionals and find out a lot about how they work behind the scenes. We work on the interface between fashion and technology, so much of what we do is about useability and the human touch. Technology is racing ahead and leaving many of us behind and so trying to make sense of it all is like running to stand still. Simplicity seems to be the key. The more I use the internet the less I like all the knobs and bells, the pop ups and the spam. Bring back attention span that lasts as long as a sentence! Amsterdam is a template for the global village, compact and small, yet international and vibrant. This is a city that teaches you communication skills, often by default. There are so many small creative projects here that it sometimes seems as if you find a new one on every corner. 360fashion is all about promoting the young artisan and creative professional. The mission is to give technology a human face and empower people.


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