Synchronicity and Igloo 4 ethical fashion…

…as I went walking with Freako today

…I came across this lovely ecofashion store, Igloo 4 in the Ferdinand Bol Straat 160H in Amsterdam.

It was pure serendipity as it was my intention to seek out just this kind of store to take some pictures.

The owner, Rukhsana, worked for many years in the fashion industry and got a fair insight into its ethical norms. So she decided to set up her own business and create clothes and lifestyle products that are fair traded, organic and partly recycled. She has certification from IFAT, the global fairtrade organisation. Her materials are made of the most beautiful colours and are a photographer’s dream. The store looks like a magical cave. I believe that we should support our artisans as they are our creative pulse. Igloo’s products are funky and classsy. The store is sure worth a visit.


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