Amsterdam weekend in the sun…

…as I slowly believe we no longer need to fly away on holiday when the weather is this good. Saturday I went to the organic farmer’s market at the Noordermarkt to get some goodies for our Sunday picnic in the Vondelpark. On the menu was hummus, vegan pate with seaweed, country style bread, couscous, old Dutch cheese, chives and parsley pesto, and fresh grapes (all organic), washed down with a nice Spanish organic red. We had a discussion about Spinoza and Darwin, and I realised that Manon knew far more than me about the former, and I am still not sure of how I feel about the latter. Maybe I need to go and ask the Flying Spaghetti Monster. However sitting in the sun on such a lovely day seemed to be as good as it gets.

…Today I’m just trying to organise Monday, always a tricky day, by taking it easy in the office and just focusing on the essentials. The suits of Cannes at the MIP turned out to have no interest in ecology or ecofashion, so it’s back to the drawing board yet again. If we are to make a better world it will be the grassroots that do it. Still Madame Royal is through to the second round so there is still hope.


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