Soma’s veggie barbie…

…for Queen’s Day…

…was the perfect refuge from the hectic on the streets. Bean salad, veggie burgers and country potatoes were washed down with a 1996 Rioja Gran Reserva. Indeara turned up and charmed both Jip and Soma’s ball python. The evening is beautiful and the party is mellow. Apart from finding my way into town, I’ve managed to avoid the crowds so far. Yesterday evening the small Padmasambhava Buddha, that I’ve been travelling with for years, was stolen. It was a present from one of my best friends from home. Somehow I need peace and quiet and few people around me today. Often the things that have sentimental value are the most precious. Soma’s home has so often been a peaceful haven in my life and a source of continuity. Next week is mushroom teatime again. It has been a busy month with the transition to Ceridwen Media in full swing. Now we have an independent base and all the facilities we need so we can work on our mission of media consultancy to small ecodesigners and ecoprojects. It is work in progress. Suzisuperglue’s brooch has made a beautiful logo and feels so enigmatically natural. We live out our individuality in our creative freedom. When we can trust each other true freedom begins. I am happy to know a few precious people who give me this security.


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