Tech Aad…connecting people…

…My friend Aad is a most remarkable man. He repairs everyone’s bicycles and has kept me mobile for the past few years. So it seemed right to put his picture with all the technology that connects us in the modern world. I did my first Flickr dinner yesterday evening, a vegan stir fry with country potatoes. Delicious food can be simple to prepare. One thing I love about the Flickr community is the way in which it is possible to connect the real and virtual worlds in a very direct manner with just a picture. The MacBook makes it all so easy. Rachel has been writing in the Sunday Times about her honeymoon and the terror trial verdict. So her trip started as a working holiday. I hope she manages to take it easy and enjoy the sun. Thus a thread runs between the personal and public worlds. We create at the interface of different visions that meet in a vortex of mind and matter. I have always been a big fan of Mr. Spock and love the way that technology is catching up with our imagination. We can travel the universe without getting up from our desk.


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