Tous les garçons et les filles…

…She was my first pinup girl and sealed my francophile fate at an early age. While Satre captured my imagination Francoise Hardy captured my heart. My first love was also French and ever since I’ve been a fan of la grande nation and when this weekend I had an emotional meltdown while tripping on mushrooms I reached a decision I’ve been moving towards for a long time. Ceri has finally persuaded me that we should move Ceridwen Media to Paris and get on the barricades in Sarkoland. When I first bought this single it had the sexiest cover on the planet. Each of us should have the chance to realise our dreams and a chance to fight for what we believe. At heart I am a European humanist. Paris is facing a crisis that reminds me in many ways of the months that led up to May 1968. France will be going through some painful times in the near future and I feel I want to be there when it happens. The last time I felt this sort of intuition was before the fall of the wall when I moved to Berlin. As Ceri put it, “Leighty, you’ve got to get this out of your system or you’ll never be at peace.” She is right. Ceri is always right. The sixties were a crazy time for me, not a happy period of my life. There was a golden thread that got lost in a cave and I want to find it again.


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