That was the week that was…

…used to be a satirical TV show in sixties Britain. My week was also like an intense reality show, although I’ve yet to see the funny side. This afternoon I took a nap out of sheer exhaustion. Life in the fast lane can be tiring sometimes. Reports I got from people who went to G8 seem to indicate there was not too much violence. Was anything achieved? Awareness was raised about climate change but no real decisions were taken, Everyone agrees that as the Daily Kos puts it, “there is indeed a dead skunk on the table…” but we “still have to pick the dang thing up and move it.” We are governed by idiots. As Blair leaves by the back door Sarkozy comes in the front and they all give Putin a ticking off for being a bad boy. Heiligendamm was a kindergarten run by Angela Merkel but the kids failed their exams. They understood the question but did not have an answer. Business as usual is not an option boys. Grow up! Meanwhile in my little Amsterdam reality show mayhem rules. We had our own fill of bad boys this week, including me according to some. My crime? Mostly just being there. Walking over people’s mental flower beds like Lucifer at a mass. I’m busy learning French before going to Paris next month. This evening I realised people like me best when I play the fool but when I point out it don’t pay the bills and we have to get our hands dirty they all scream “Subsidy!” and run off and have a meeting about nothing in particular. I dared to make the simple suggestion that we try to make it possible for people to change their light bulbs and save some energy. Far too radical! I must stop ranting and go and get some chocolate.


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