Changing networks…

Photo copyright: Leighton Cooke 2007
…on Facebook from the Netherlands to Wales. My prayers have been answered when I saw these prayer flags and the beautiful mature trees that I first saw planted many years ago. Our permaculture project has a home that is a beacon that can inspire others to follow the same path. Lam Rim, the gradual path, the slow path, the path of Mother Earth. In Wales we say heraith for the longing for that which one does not have. “The wyrd weaves through everywhere; it also weaves its way back – which is often just what we don’t want to happen! Every choice has its echoes in the wyrd, with the result that our ‘preferred mistakes’ will often have predictable echoes. Since this is the wyrd we’re dealing with, the form those echoes take will vary – sometimes imperceptibly, but often radically – yet the fact of the echo will not. This general principle is known throughout the world under a variety of different names: in the common, if rather simplistic, Western interpretation of the Indian concept of ‘karma’, for example, every action has its equal and opposite reaction, and every inaction leads to an equal and apposite re-enaction, another ‘lesson’; whereas the witchcraft tradition, by contrast, argues that whatever we send out to others – for good or ill – comes back threefold. Either way, they all suggest it’s a good idea to be careful of what we say and do!” says Tom Graves. So it is that my wyrd weaves its weird way. No more heraith! I have found my home and found that I always had it. My precious teacher never left my heart and thus I am blessed to live in a world of miracles. Trees grow. We just need to let them. I am excited like a little boy. This was the best birthday present ever. Il faut cultiver notre jardin. Candide (1759)


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