Out of the Tunnel…

…Today I found a copy of Rachel’s book in Waterstone’s in Amsterdam. Even if you already know the story this book is still remarkable. Once you start you can’t put it down. Rachel likes to say dammit just like Manon. The style is fast and dramatic and makes you feel as if you are there with her when it all happens. This is not another book written by a victim. Rachel does not ask for sympathy, she just tells her tale. There is much here to give hope to anyone who has suffered a life shattering trauma such as rape or violence. The message is that one can start again and learn to live with the scars. I don’t know what amazes me most, Rachel’s courage or the mindless idiots who caused all this suffering. I watched the news of the 7/7 London attacks on TV in an Amsterdam cafe as it happened and have been reading Rachel’s blog from the beginning. She has become a voice of freedom at a time when politicians have passed one stupid law after another. Every politician should read this book. Rachel stands up for the rights that took many generations to achieve that are being so carelessly eroded. It was touching to know that J proposed marriage right here in Amsterdam, and that she has such a great partner to support her. She sure deserves him. Read this book and it will move you as it did me.
The Friday Project (book info)

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1 Response to Out of the Tunnel…

  1. Rachel says:

    Thank you for the great review Leighton. I have linked you in the sidebar.
    And yes, J and I love the Dam – we come every year for my birthday!
    Amsterdam diamond on my finger.

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