The Great Work…

…It is early in the morning and I am listening to Jan Gabarek and the Hilliard Ensemble playing Officium. This is an old Cardiff night when the family get together and drink vast quantities of vintage port and smoke fine hashish and talk of philosophy. I have spent the past few days with my Qi gong teacher learning the finer points of being a streetwise warrior of compassion. These boys mean business and don’t take being fucked about lightly. The Praying Mantis tradition is a pure lineage that goes back to Bodhidharma himself and is a very hard system of training. Only with the utmost power of my inner mind was I able to survive the tests of the past few days. My reward? The dreamweaver. I feel close to Spinoza this morning and am deeply aware of the love of the angels that surround me. I am blessed with the most beautiful and intelligent of muses. So what is the Great Work? In my opinion it is the cultivation of wisdom and compassion in the web of an intelligent universe. Deus sive natura We need to learn that the kingdom of heaven really is within. In the past few weeks I have rewound the tape of my life in Amsterdam, Germany, London, Bristol and Cardiff as if I was preparing to die. I have already lost Clauss. one of the finest warriors I ever knew. But I have found a son who is the finest of gentlemen and a Qi gong teacher who is the finest of bodhisattvas. I should be proud and happy. I am proud and happy. And now? Less is more. A failure is a success in disguise. We are all the children of our mothers and fathers. Namaste. Sapere aude. This week I sat in the park where I first read Candide over forty years ago and realised how much we need to cultivate our garden. Time passes and memory plays tricks. Still the heart is pure. You are here. That is good. Love thy neighbor. And remember that she who dares wins.


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