Mechanical Elements…

Mechanical Elements…, originally uploaded by Leighton Cooke.

…part of a retrospective exhibition showing in my mental universe. It’s been a while since I was in the hatchery. Today I managed to convince the powers that be that I do in fact exist. It took three attempts to access a secure government data base and loads of photocopies of my ID. They gave me a little slip of paper signed by Sophie (name altered for reasons of national security) to confirm that their database was in agreement with my database, which in this case is an old seaman’s chest that also contained this book, that cost me three shillings and sixpence in 1966. That’s 17 and 1/2 pence in decimal. The same work costs about ten dollars, or a fiver, today. My diet of reality TV and instant coffee is holding up remarkably well. Last night I watched Casablanca. It’s a movie I never tire of. It has held up to the test of time like few others. The eternal triangle of love that can never be resolved. I am missing the woman I love too at the moment. Our triangle is more one of geography and I’m glad that we have Skype. Try as I will I cannot get away from the feeling that my exercise in history has run its course. The land of song is a long lost myth and my sentimental journey is a dead end. My compass is turning south and I wish to return to the world of the nomads. It’s a pity we never found out what happened to Rick and Ilsa. They vanished into the mist of Casablanca airport leaving us with a modern legend, the sorrow of displacement. Are we just mechanical elements or is there more to this brave new world?


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