Say fromage!…

Say fromage!…, originally uploaded by Leighton Cooke.

…and Happy Birthday Sputnik. Today I caught a few rays of autumn sun in the garden which put a nice cheesy smile on my face. After my musings yesterday I was amused by the news that BT and FON are getting together. According to Gigaom not without a price being paid, which Martin Varsavsky denies. This deal certainly looks good for Foneros like me as we will get free access to BT’s hotspots. In today’s Guardian Victor Keegan talks about Britain’s lack of investment in broadband. If you ask me we should be investing in wireless connectivity. The mobile net is here to stay and it could be cheaper in the long run to invest in wireless solutions rather than roll out broadband everywhere. With Wimax being launched in Manchester by Freedom 4 the stakes in the game have been raised. Public internet access makes sense in a knowledge based economy. Foodie that I am I love the thought of uploading quality pictures from the organic market or foodstore in situ and I’m sure that would be good for business. Perhaps we need another “Sputnik event” to wake us up to the future.

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