Apps make blogging easy

Playing around with my new iPod, I have begun to discover the power and practicality of apps. The Flickr app makes it way more easier to upload and share photos. The WordPress app lets me work on my blogposts offline. The Guardian app is well worth the subscription. All together they make the iPod a small but powerful tool that supports my photography. In that respect the iPhoto app adds a new dimension to this all in one mini media centre. My latest project revolves around the concept of using one device as the source of all my creative work. The idea is to stretch the iPod Touch to its limits. 5 megapixels, HD video and wifi, plus 24 gigabytes of available memory the last time I checked, are the name of the game here. All the project needs is a name. How about ipodartontheroad? Add a # and it’s good to go on the Twitter app. It will do until I think of something shorter, like say #ipodartist.


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