iPhone #marchechomeurs2013

Getting away from the old routine can be hard work but can also be the source of new ideas. It was while I was working as a volunteer, taking photos and making videos with an iPhone, that I came up with the idea of my new iPod project. We were marching through France to Paris, protesting about unemployment and meeting different groups for a manifestation or discussion along the way. Apart from a few local newspapers the mainstream media mostly ignored us, as did the big shot politicians with Swiss bank accounts. But social media came to the rescue and gave us a voice My old iPod does not have a camera good enough for such a concept. After seeing the quality of the iPhone camera and playing around with the new iPod Touch in the Montpellier Odysseum Apple store, my mind was made up. After all I don’t need to blow up photos to fill up one side of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. 5 megapixels are adequate for the net. The iPod Touch demographic is young and loves apps. Which tempts me to give a shout out to all the other iPod users on WordPress. The march is over but the issues it addressed, such as unemployment, social exclusion and what the Guardian now calls the growing precariat, are still with us. You can follow the march organization, MNCP on Twitter, @Federation_MNCP
and on the Marche Chômeurs blog in French.

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