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McLuhan media banana

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Journal, Dimanche…

…My very first cat was called Susie. She was a goddess who had the curious habit of giving birth to kittens in my bed. This always meant that I would be late for school and the sheets would be bloody … Continue reading

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Palbu…Tibet in Amsterdam…

…Some pictures from the Palbu Tibet store. They have a mission to spread knowledge of Tibetan culture and all of their crafts and jewellery are hand made and fairly traded. …I’m looking forward to my next visit to take more … Continue reading

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Synchronicity and Igloo 4 ethical fashion…

…as I went walking with Freako today …I came across this lovely ecofashion store, Igloo 4 in the Ferdinand Bol Straat 160H in Amsterdam. It was pure serendipity as it was my intention to seek out just this kind of … Continue reading

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Clean cotton…

…It is Amsterdam Fashion Week as if that matters. The fashionistas are running around chasing their tails like headless chickens (sorry it’s one of my google memes-just had to put it in!) which was why it was all the more … Continue reading

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Ethiopia and Starbucks fail to agree…

…reports One World US in the trademark dispute over coffee as “human rights groups accuse Starbucks of trying to stop Ethiopia from trademarking its best-known coffee beans Sidamo and Harar, thereby denying farmers potential income of more than $90 million … Continue reading

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Starbucks is not a green company…

…as their despicable treatment of the coffee growers of Ethiopia shows. I’ve been reading greenLAgirl recently and I can recommend her blog for all issues green. As she points out “Whether or not Starbucks actually deserves to be called a … Continue reading

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Fair trade down on the farm…

…It’s part of modern living, the expectation that you can shop till you drop 24/7. Retail therapy as a substitute for community. The Blog of Hope has done a piece on Tesco and the effect that supermarkets have on local … Continue reading

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