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Clean cotton…

…It is Amsterdam Fashion Week as if that matters. The fashionistas are running around chasing their tails like headless chickens (sorry it’s one of my google memes-just had to put it in!) which was why it was all the more … Continue reading

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Earth spirit…

“Navdanya means nine crops that represent India’s collective source of food security. The main aim of the Navdanya biodiversity conservation programme is to support local farmers, rescue and conserve crops and plants that are being pushed to extinction and make … Continue reading

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Fair trade down on the farm…

…It’s part of modern living, the expectation that you can shop till you drop 24/7. Retail therapy as a substitute for community. The Blog of Hope has done a piece on Tesco and the effect that supermarkets have on local … Continue reading

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The World is Flat..

…says Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times three time Pulitzer prize winner. According to Friedman changes in the world of economics and technology have begun to produce a level playing field with enormous consequences for the future of humanity. As … Continue reading

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